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Why Do You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

Do you wake up looking in the mirror every morning to find that your teeth are slowly becoming damaged? You could be damaging your teeth without realizing. This is a condition known as Bruxism, a condition where you grind your teeth, especially whilst sleeping. Teeth grinding happens when you least expect it. However, it is a very common experience but carries various side effects. You may begin to experience headaches, jaw pain, painful chewing and a stiff movement of the mouth.

There hasn’t been any published research to understand why and how teeth grinding happens. However, we have conducted tests which will give you immediate answers as to why you grind your teeth at night.

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Here are five reasons we have identified that cause your teeth to grind:

The Five Reasons

  1. Anxiety and Stress – When stressed, your jaws tend to clench together which wears your teeth down and causes damage. Stress attributes to at least 70% of bruxism, meaning it is the most significant factor. Usually, teeth are clenched without realizing. The more it is ignored, the more likely your teeth are to grind. It is common to naturally ignore these dangers but the impact it has on your teeth is unrecognized.
  2. Problems with Your Teeth – When clenching the jaw, your teeth should feel smooth when the teeth held by the bottom and top jaw begin to touch. If your teeth don’t line up correctly, aren’t straight or are crooked, your teeth are more likely to become damaged. This may also be due to muscles around the jaw. Facial muscles may spasm as you sleep, and teeth could start to grind.
  3. Sleep Apnea – Sleep disorders including snoring are also prone to teeth grinding. A sleep study or test may determine the results of teeth grinding if you suffer from it. It helps to confirm whether grinding interrupts your breathing and your sleep. Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea? Click here to seek more information on how Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga can help stop it.
  4. Uneven Biting – The mouths structure naturally changes if there are missing teeth. The teeth may position itself awkwardly which develops an uneven bite. This is known as Malocclusion, which affects the movement of the joints. The jaw occlusion causes further stress, leading to Bruxism.
  5. Your Lifestyle – Lifestyle practice causes Bruxism in several ways that are unexpected. Recreational drug use has proven to contribute to excess grinding. Drugs increase your adrenaline, making you grind your teeth and bite excessively.


So, What Should You Do?

You may consider purchasing a dental mouthguardif you suffer from excess grinding. Mouthguards work by creating a barrier or a gap between your teeth so that they cannot clash when your jaw muscles relax during sleep. However, this may not be the only solution, especially if you have a lifestyle that contributes to teeth grinding. It is recommended that the drug and smoke intake is reduced and that your weight is kept at a normal level to reduce any sleep apnoea, and regularly visit your local dentist to keep your teeth nice and healthy.

If you’re suffering from excessive teeth grinding and want more information Contact Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga now for further advice on what you should do to preserve the health of your teeth.


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