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Dentures are dental prostheses meant to replace missing teeth in the oral cavity. There are two main types of dentures; Complete and Partial.

The complete dentures are meant for patients who do not have any teeth left in their mouth, and require complete rehabilitation of aesthetics and function. The partial dentures on the other hand are ideal for patients who have several missing teeth in the upper and lower arches.

Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga is your one stop solution for all denture needs.

Whether you need a new set, or a replacement for your old, worn-out ones, you’ll find the best value in Wagga Wagga.

Our range of denture-related services includes:

  • New complete and partial denture fabrication
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Old denture replacement
  • Denture care and maintenance
  • Denture repairs

How Complete Dentures Work:

You can think of complete dentures as a set of two acrylic trays comprising of artificial teeth, which can be worn on the upper and lower gum ridges.

Patients who have no teeth left in their mouth experience complete impairment of their ability to eat and speak properly. These patients generally belong to the older age bracket, which makes it very important to restore their dental function in order to make sure that they can stay healthy.

Dentures are very easy to wear, use and clean. It takes two appointments for patients to get a new set of dentures at Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga. During the first appointment we take impressions of the upper and lower jaws to record fine details of the ridges. The patient then chooses a shade for their new teeth.

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Denture Sample in Glass

Denture Care & Maintenance:

It is relatively easy to clean and maintain dentures. They can be brushed and soaked in water, or special denture solution which keep them fresh. The solution also effectively removes any excess denture adhesive that may be present on the trays before the patient wears them again.

To keep the dentures safe from damage, we encourage patients to use denture storage boxes, which also keep them protected from germs.

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