Tooth Extraction Wagga

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wagga Wagga

Painless Tooth Extractions in NSW

Here at Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga we make every effort to save teeth, and tooth removal is definitely the very last option we resort to only when we have exhausted all other treatments.

Sometimes there is no other choice, perhaps if the tooth is too badly diseased, damaged or impacted. However, there is no need to worry as we will make sure you do not feel a thing and afterwards we can discuss suitable tooth replacements with you. It is important to replace missing teeth to keep the oral cavity, and your general health, in excellent shape!

Dental Extractions and Pain:

Our dentists go the extra mile to make sure that any tooth extractions are completely painless, and the overall experience is a pleasant one for our patients. Our team ensures proper facilitation of the treatment so it is conducted in a safe, efficient manner to get the desired results. It is extremely important to us that you receive customised care that will be based on your needs and preferences and which will take into account any dental anxieties or fears. For our patients who experience anxiety associated with surgical treatments, we are equipped with multiple sedation options that can help you out – all you need to do is ask!

Don't put off your tooth extraction

If your wisdom tooth has been giving you trouble, perhaps it is time to get it checked professionally before it starts hurting, or develops an infection.

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