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Root Canal Treatment

At Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga, we have a team of highly qualified endodontic surgeons with extensive experience in the field. We go the extra mile to save your natural tooth structure and keep it protected to eliminate any other teeth from being impacted.

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How do you know if you need a tooth extracted:

There are a few key signs you should be aware of to help identify symptoms that a root canal may be required.


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often sharp and severe, aggravating at night, and radiating to the patient’s temples, jaw, and ears


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pain may be accompanied by soft tissue inflammation, and at times, abscess

Inability to chew

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or eat from the affected side

Severe sensitivity

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or pain that aggravates when the patient eats/drinks something hot, cold or sweet.

Root Canal Procedure:

Root Canal treatment can be completed in a single sitting, or in multiple visits depending on the complexity of the root canal treatment and the number of teeth impacted.

Anaesthesia is first administered to eliminate pain and discomfort, after which the dentist proceeds to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. The pulp chambers of the tooth are then exposed.

With the help of fine endodontic files, the pulp is cleaned and removed from these chambers entirely. They are then given a proper, uniform shape.

Finally, the canals are filled with a special endodontic fillings material meant for replacing the pulp.

To restore the function of this structurally compromised tooth, a crown is fitted on top – which also helps in improving the aesthetics of the smile.

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