Dental Spa Therapy

A Dental Spa Therapy

Kooringal Dental are extremely proud to be able to offer our patients teeth cleaning using one of the most modern and pain free dental hygiene technologies available: AIRFLOW® from EMS. This technology is a real game-changer and it sets us apart from other dental practices.

With AIRFLOW®, we can thoroughly clean your teeth and gums and remove those stubborn stains without the discomfort of the usual cleaning technologies. That means a much reduced use of the traditional scaling instruments.

Come and see us, and we will give your whole mouth the best and most gentle clean you have ever experienced.

What is AIRFLOW® from EMS and how does it work?

AIRFLOW® is revolutionary. It is a Swiss-made dental technology that allows our dental professionals to clean your teeth without even touching them!

So how does it work?

AIRFLOW® produces a controlled stream of warm water, mixed with air and a fine powder to reduce bacteria and remove stain. This stream is then used to thoroughly clean your teeth and those areas that are normally hard for you to reach. The controlled stream is specially designed to remove food debris, plaque and bacteria, and stubborn stains.

What are the benefits of using AIRFLOW® from ems?

It is a much more pleasant experience, and is able to more thoroughly clean fragile and difficult to reach areas.

Traditional cleans can be messy, noisy, and uncomfortable.

AIRFLOW's® special stream of air, warm water and microfine powder can clean your teeth faster than traditional methods, with less mess and leave you with a fresh, clean feeling mouth.

Think about it. How nice would it be to lie back and have the warming water of AIRFLOW® gently and pleasantly clean your teeth?




We understand that people can be apprehensive or anxious about dental treatments if they have had a bad experience in the past. This is normal and we welcome our anxious or nervous patients and have a lot of experience treating patients with dental anxiety.

Having your teeth cleaned with AIRFLOW® is a very gentle procedure. Don't believe us? Check out this video of AIRFLOW® being used to clean the fragile shell of an egg! That's how gentle it is.

Who is AIRFLOW® suitable for?

AIRFLOW® cleaning is typically suitable for all patients, especially:

  • Patients with sensitive teeth
  • Patients with implants
  • Patients with braces
  • Patients with gum disease
  • Patients with multiple fillings and crowns
  • Children

Why do my teeth need a clean?

You know that sticky, white stuff that is on your teeth? It is called plaque. Dental plaque is a biofilm of bacteria, that if left untreated can spread and cause cavities and gum disease. Even with the best brushing and oral hygiene routines, some plaque and food debris will be left behind, and reforms very quickly after brushing.

Using AIRFLOW® we can give your mouth a thorough cleaning and remove all the plaque and biofilm present on your teeth and gums, gently and effectively.

Your dental professional at Kooringal Dental will educate you on how to best care for your teeth and mouth and work with you to reduce your risk of developing dental disease in the future.

Preventative care and cleaning drastically reduces the amount and severity of dental problems that patients may develop over their lifetime. It ensures that any dental treatment required will be generally less invasive. And most times this also means required treatment will be much less expensive.

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