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Tooth decay, or caries, is one of the commonest of all dental problems around the world. Directly related to lack of proper oral hygiene, this bacterial infection manifests in the form of white and brown lesions on the tooth, which mark the destruction of the enamel and dentin. Once the carious process begins, it spreads rapidly to invade deeper layers of the affected tooth.

At Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga, we offer a complete range of restorative treatments that effectively and efficiently deal with teeth affected by decay.

About Composite Fillings:

Composite is now the top choice of all restorative dentists around the world owing to its many benefits, and versatility.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of using composites to fill cavities:

  • Outstanding aesthetic properties; can be matched to the exact shade of the natural teeth
  • Easy manipulation; can be made to replicate the natural contour of the teeth
  • High strength and resilience
  • Does not contain any toxic substances, and is 100% biocompatible
  • Can be used to make quick cosmetic fixes
  • Structurally stable; does not undergo changes after setting and therefore there are less chances of secondary infections
  • Does not fracture very easily

Composite Filling Procedure:

During a filling appointment, the dentist first takes a radiograph to determine the depth and extent of the decay.

Next, the carious portion of the tooth is removed with a mechanical hand piece. The prepared portion is then etched in order to create tiny pores which will help the composite adhere to the crown.

A bonding agent is then applied to the site and filling material is then loaded into the cavity in small increments.

The dentist can take his time to mould the material to match the exact shape and contour of a natural tooth, making it appear like just another healthy tooth in the mouth.

Once the dentist is completely satisfied with the shape and form of the restoration, it is hardened firmly in place.

Composite fillings are polished in the end to give them a natural shine and finish.

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