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Visiting the Hygienist for An Oral Check-Up? Here’s Why Will You Benefit From It

Why do we visit the dentist? To ensure that our teeth look and feel as clean and healthy as possible. However, visiting the dental hygienist also plays a vital role in the overall oral health as much as a normal dentist does. As a hygienist, it is natural to think that their role is to simply ensure your teeth are squeaky clean and shiny, but there are many other hidden benefits that you’re probably not aware of.

Although scale and polish are one of the hygienists most important roles, there is, in fact, a lot more they do which benefits you and your overall oral health.

No longer do you need to visit the dentist as a priority for your oral check-up. The hygienist performs this role just as effectively.  The process is no different to what a dentist would do. The hygienist is just as caring for your oral health as a dentist would be.


If you’re unsure about the role of the hygienist, here’s how you could benefit from visiting one:

The Benefits To You

  1. Maintain Positive Oral Health – It is important that you look after your gums and teeth with a consistent oral routine. Whilst cleaning your teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and debris to keep your mouth healthy, the hygienist will offer different routines which you should adopt maintain positive oral health at home. If you want to maintain your shiny pearly-whites, you must do your bit
  2. Prevention of Gum Disease – Tooth loss causes gum disease and it usually becomes too late before something is done about it because there is initially no pain to make you act. If you have a missing gap, don’t delay visiting a hygienist. They will assess your gums and help remove the deposits on your teeth to limit any diseases forming.
  3. Prevention of Oral Cancer – One mandatory part of the hygienist’s remit is to perform regular cancer screenings upon every visit. Again, this is something that can only be discovered by the hygienist and is treatable if caught early.
  4. Get Your Teeth Whitened – You don’t need to fork out for extra teeth whitening treatment. Hygienists also perform teeth whitening treatment and remove common stains.
  5. Smile With Confidence – The hygienist ensures that your teeth are in the best possible condition. With a bright, shiny appearance brings self-confidence, an increase in self-esteem and presents you with many opportunities that you didn’t think were possible. A healthy and happy smile goes a long way in transforming your life.

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Treatment Costs and Availability

The careful and efficient treatment carried out by professional dental hygienists approximately take 30-60 minutes per appointment, which could vary depending on the medical evaluation before treatment begins. Each appointment costs $190 and appointments are freely available throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

The dental hygienist, just like a dentist is the heartbeat of everything concerning your oral health and appearance. Long term dental problems and kept at bay and you reap all the benefits of better wellbeing.

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