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Five Reasons To Visit The Dental Hygienist

There are several reasons why visiting a dental hygienist is important to your overall oral health. The benefits it provides helps you feel happy and healthy. With a contagious and infectious smile, there is no better feeling to show off those pearly whites.

The role dental hygienist is still unknown amongst many patients. When booking yourself in for a check-up and clean, who do you visit? The general dentist or a dental hygienist? This question has been outstanding for a while and continues to today. The dental hygienist is solely focused on the health and hygiene of your teeth. They clean teeth and examine oral health to prevent diseases from occurring and spreading. If you’ve been booked in for a check-up and clean, a hygienist will be taking charge to look after the quality of your teeth.

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The Five Reasons

So how do patients benefit from regular check-ups with the hygienist? Find out below.

  1. Transforms Your Confidence and Self-Esteem – Without confidence, the smile stays in its shell making you feel low about your appearance. Having a happy and healthy smile is one of the best ways to boost your confidence and give you the self-esteem to smile in public. However, a check-up and clean isn’t the only method to keep your teeth white. White teeth can only be prolonged with a healthy diet to avoid plaque and tartar build-up. Learn how white teeth transform your confidence here.
  2. Prevents Oral Cancer – A dental hygienist is also able to conduct an oral cancer screening before cleaning your teeth to ensure any signs of early disease is captured and treated. Increased risk occurs through regular smoking. If you’re a regular smoker, attempt to reduce your intake or quit altogether.
  3. Prevents Gum Disease – Gum disease can be unnoticeable and is something the hygienist can only identify. It can become a serious issue if not captured early. With gum disease, it can also lead to tooth loss. A hygienist can provide recommendations to eliminate the problem from occurring again.
  4. Reduce Appointments – Patients would always prefer to reduce the number of appointments each year. Regular check-ups should occur every six months and as long as positive oral health habits are followed as per hygienist recommendations, the check-up appointments will be plain-sailing, smooth and quick.
  5. Prevents Bad Breath – All humans suffer from bad breath and brushing teeth isn’t just the solution. Bad breath is known as Halitosis, where bacteria are formed in the mouth to spread bad breath. A hygienist will see to this to keep your breath fresh and healthy.

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The good thing about visiting a hygienist is that only small changes are required to your oral hygiene to enjoy happy and healthy smiles. Adopting positive oral health habits go a long way to keep your teeth shiny for the long-term. Following hygienist recommendations and enjoy a transformation in the quality of your life.

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