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My Tooth Has Cracked – What Happens Now?

Have you bitten on a piece of candy or had a physical accident which has caused your tooth to crack? The molars in your tooth absorb the impact from biting force or any trauma experienced, leading to the tooth becoming cracked. Although teeth are strong in itself, they’re susceptible to suffering from cracks if not looked after. Sometimes, it’s not your fault and the health of the tooth can be a key reason for the crack to appear.

In any case, a cracked tooth should be treated in an emergency.

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The Immediate Remedies

If you’ve fractured or cracked a tooth, the first thing you need to do is consult the emergency dentist for an emergency appointment. If an emergency appointment isn’t available, here are some immediate steps to follow to limit any pain or concern to your oral health during the day and night before an appointment becomes available:

  • Consume A Soft Food Diet – Avoid eating food and beverages that are hard, very hot or very cold. The dentin layer of the tooth will have been exposed by the crack and this can lead to severe pain. Any foods that are acidic should also be avoided.
  • Take Pain Relief Medication – You can take safe pain relief medication which won’t cause any further problems or pain. Medication such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen are acceptable to take but avoid aspirin which could cause limitations for further dental treatment, such as when you require a root canal.

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  • Remove Debris Through Flossing – Ensure the affected area is clear of any debris, because debris may increase chances of catching bacteria. Floss in a soft motion and do not put pressure on by going too deep into the tooth.
  • Sleep With An Elevated Head – When the nerve becomes inflamed, it can become very painful. Elevate your head on the pillow about 20 to 30 degrees backwards. This helps to ease some of the pain when having a toothache.
  • Eating and Biting Restrictions – You must take care of the way you bite down on food. Avoid eating nuts and hard candies and incorporate softer foods such as vegetables and potato. Do not bite down on hard objects such as a pencil, a cap or use teeth for opening packaging.

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As humans, we sometimes take pain relief remedies, we regularly eat, clean teeth and sleep. Therefore, the points above are some immediate remedies for pain-relief that will make sure daily activities can be completed with limited pain. However, these remedies do not mean the pain will go away. These are helpful short-term remedies to consider whilst waiting for an emergency appoint.

If you’re suffering from a cracked tooth, Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga will accommodate you for an emergency appointment as best as possible. If you’re seeking an appointment today, contact Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Contact us here now!


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