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4 Warning Signs You Need A Dental Filling

A dental filling is necessary when cavity appears in a tooth. Cavity can develop at any stage, which are small holes formed in the tooth root that requires to be filled. Pus forms in the hole which is a form of bacteria. The more time wasted from not gaining treatment, the more likely you’ll experience dental issues.

Examine Teeth Filling

The Five Common Signs

Seeking dental help is essential. If you experience one or more of these five common signs, chances are you need a dental filling:

  1. Sensitive Feelings – Sensitive feelings in your mouth can lead to bigger problems if not treated. The dental concern may not be what you think, but if the pain is central to the tooth, a filling helps avoid any severe infections in the tooth root.
  2. Pain Whilst Chewing – Constant chewing could mean chipping away at further damage to your teeth. This can lead to further tooth decay increasing the chances of cavity and therefore requiring a filling. Expect to feel a sharp pain as you try to eat around the affected or damaged area.
  3. Constant Toothache – Experiencing toothache is a major sign that there’s an oral problem that requires treatment. Toothache can range from throbbing to minor pain. It should not be ignored as it can lead to further dental concerns. If the pain is severe and has lasted for a few days, seek an emergency appointment with the dentist. Where an emergency appointment isn’t available, seek assistance from the dentist for short-term safe pain relief before an emergency appointment becomes available.
  4. Old Or Missing Fillings – Dental fillings aren’t expected to last a lifetime. Existing fillings can develop concerns of its own when it becomes loose or falls out. This is expected to lead to further tooth decay. Fillings fall out due to poor oral hygiene and poor dental care. In this instance, you’d need a new filling to replace the existing filling.
  5. A Hole Appears In The Tooth – When a hole appears in the tooth root, it’s a definite sign that a filling is required. Pus forms in the root leading to heavy bacteria. This is a sign that you have a cavity that can develop in time, affecting other neighbouring teeth.

Dental implant or root canal treatment

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Dental filling treatment is something that most patients need. They help restore teeth to its natural state, prevent further decay and damage, and allow the tooth to function as normal. The type of filling materials available will be shared by the dentist, depending on the severity of the dental concern.

If you’re experiencing any of the above concerns and you require a dental filling, or for any other assistance, contact Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga immediately and seek an appointment with us now. Click here to book.


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