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Have You Recently Had Dental Veneers Fitted? Follow These Self-Care Tips

Have you recently had porcelain veneers fitted and you want to know how to look after them? Veneers should be looked after just as you would with your natural teeth. Is that all? No! There are certain precautions you need to be aware of.

Porcelain veneers deliver that Hollywood smile that helps you smile with brimming confidence. If you’ve taken the step to transform your smile with veneers, always be pro-active with your oral routine to help keep your veneers strong and shiny for as long as possible.

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What Are The Self-Care Tips?

The following self-care tips are essential to include as part of your positive oral routine.

  • Avoid Excessing Chewing – Excessive chewing, especially on something hard could affect your veneers. Although they are durable, they’re not as strong as your natural teeth. It can be easy to chew on a pencil or bite on a bag you can’t open. You must avoid using your teeth for opening things. Use productive equipment and allow veneers to chew on your favorite foods.
  • Use Correct Toothpaste – Fluoride toothpaste is becoming more popular for teeth. The mild abrasive formula it contains helps to keep your teeth protected from particles and debris and protect your tooth enamel from erosion.
  • Avoid Consuming Regular Alcohol – Having a drink to relax is not harmful to your veneers. It only becomes harmful to a regular occurrence. The bonding line will be more prone to damage, causing discoloration and deterioration. You can also obtain mouthwash or toothpaste products that do not contain alcohol ingredients.
  • Avoid Other Staining Agents – Just like natural teeth, porcelain veneers are expected to become discolored over time. Avoid consuming dark food and drink such as coffee, meat, wine and dark sodas.
  • Regular Check-Ups – Whilst you may adopt a self-care routine that you think keeps your veneers healthy and white, the cosmetic dentist is better positioned to analyze the state of your teeth instead of just looking in the mirror. There could be stubborn stains in awkward places in your veneers that you can’t remove with a soft-bristle brush.

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The Benefits To You

Looking after your veneers bring the following benefits to your oral health and appearance:

  • Smile with Confidence – A Hollywood smile brings confidence, everybody knows that. Not only are you able to smile with confidence, but you’ll also be able to live life with more confidence, presenting more opportunities and the ability to show off your smile in public
  • You Keep Your Natural Tooth Structure – When the enamel is removed, it’s removed permanently. When fitting porcelain veneers, only a thin-shell of your enamel is removed. Thankfully, no changes to your tooth structure are required.
  • Covers Any Cracks, Chips and Discoloration – Say hello to a brand new looking smile. Veneers are popular to hide any niggling cosmetic issues you have. Show off your smile when you eat, talk and laugh.

Veneers help to restore confidence in your smile. Read here on other benefits you can enjoy from it.

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