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Are Your Dentures Struggling To Fit? This Could Be Why

As we age, our mouths tend to change in structure. However, you will find that dentures stay the same. Hence, if you’ve been a denture patient for a number of years, you will have experienced your dentures becoming loose in your mouth. This makes it difficult to do natural things such as speak sharply, chew your food or bite down properly.

When dentures aren’t comfortable to wear they have the ability to cause sores that may become infected. This degrades confidence, overall oral health and the need for immediate dental support for an adjustment.

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The Five Reasons

Here are five reasons when you should contact the dentist if dentures need an adjustment or repair:

  1. The Denture Has Broken – If dentures are put under too much pressure causing them to break, the tooth should not reattach. The fit wouldn’t be what you expect and this may cause further dental problems. Visit the dentist as soon as possible.
  2. The Dentures Has Chipped or Cracked – Putting pressure on dentures may not necessarily break dentures but can cause chips and cracks in them. This won’t necessarily affect the functioning of the denture, but it can cause uneven edges and irritations.
  3. The Dentures Become Uncomfortable – If dentures become uncomfortable, you will begin to notice and experience facial and jaw sickness, looseness causing limited mouth functioning and uneven gum pressure. This could eventually lead to other adverse oral health conditions.
  4. The Dentures Fit Changes – Dentures are expected to stay positioned in the mouth usually, but there is always the chance of your facial structure changing, particularly as you age. It is likely that your dentures need to be adjusted.
  5. Pain During Chewing and Biting – The indication of pain during chewing and biting stems for your dentures becoming loose. Whilst you won’t experience pain straight away you may if they’re not adjusted early. This also leads to discomfort in your jaw muscles.

Looking after dentures require good oral hygiene. Click here to understand why dental hygiene is so important.

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Final Round-Up

Consult the dentist as soon as you feel your dentures loosening up, especially if you need to adjust the way you use your mouth to reduce discomfort. Wear-and-tear on dentures may lead to unavoidable damage even if you adopt positive oral hygiene. Dentures have a good lifespan but eventually, they will require replacing. Dentures are expected to last 10 years and looking after them will sure you save money instead of regularly replacing dentures.

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