Which is better; Invisalign or traditional braces? Our team at Kooringal Dental compare the two!

Are you an adult who is fed up with having misaligned teeth?

Have you heard about invisible aligners but aren’t sure if they are as good as regular braces?

Whatever your reason is for wanting straighter teeth, it is vital that you have a team that knows about all the options available and can choose the right one for you.

At Kooringal Dental, we have helped many adults get the straighter smile they want, using some of the most advanced and discrete braces and aligners available. One of our most popular choices, Invisalign in Wagga, is suitable for almost everyone and is so discrete, your colleague, family or partner won’t be able to spot it!

Which is the better choice for you? Our team breaks down braces and Invisalign in Wagga into 5 points, assesses each appliance and elects a winner for each area.


When wearing braces as an adult, the cost will depend on the number of trips to see the dentist, the adjustments and any additional work or tools required.

As Invisalign in Wagga requires no tightening, can be checked via a selfie so needs limited dental visits, it is often cheaper than regular braces.

Winner of this round; invisible aligners!

Length of treatment

Generally speaking, when you use invisible aligners, you will have an average treatment time of 3-6 months. With regular braces as an adult, you may be wearing them for up to 2 years, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Winner of this round; invisible aligners!


As the name suggests, invisible aligners are, well, practically invisible and offer wearers more discretion when in public, giving talks or hanging out with friends. Metal braces have very visible brackets and wires which, while proven at moving teeth, are far from discrete and can deter many patients from seeking treatment as adults.

Made from clear plastic, invisible options are moulded to slot over your teeth and during the treatment, you will need to switch between aligners, wearing each one for about 2 weeks at a time.

Winner of this round; invisible aligners!


It goes without saying that many people remember a friend in high school who wore traditional braces and was in discomfort.

While invisible aligners offer a better fit (and no tightening), if you wear them, you may need to use pain relief. But, compared to metal braces, many people who have used both have described the invisible options as more comfortable for daily life and when moving their teeth.

Winner of this round; invisible aligners!


It seems on this point, both traditional braces and invisible aligners produce great results.

With metal braces, the results tend to revolve around more severe cases of misalignment and with invisible aligners, they tend to be based on cases of mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

So for this point, there is no clear winner; attend an appointment with our team to assess which appliance type is right for you!

Winner of this round; both win!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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