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DIY Teeth Whitening vs Professional Teeth Whitening – Which Is Better And Why

Nowadays, what you see on the market are DIY Teeth Whitening solutions and promotions that are intended to whiten your teeth. This saves people making the effort of visiting the dentist to get their teeth whitened professionally because they are instantly appealed by the products available. However, do they deliver instant results? Are they a proven long-term solution for Teeth Whitening? We are here to tell you that these over-the-counter products are more damaging to your oral health.

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If you’re hoping to remove discoloration from your teeth, why would you get them whitened professionally? Why not use available market products that are made to do it for you? These questions are certainly valid, but once you’ve read this article, you will realize exactly why these DIY over-the-counter products are not the long-term answer and your teeth will not reap the rewards that you thought you would.

Let’s go straight into it:

  1. Over-The-Counter Products Contain Dangerous Chemicals – DIY teeth whitening products are marketed to deliver instant teeth whitening results. There are also many illegal products on the market that put your oral health at risk. Manufacturers look at chemicals to help whiten your teeth, without undertaking research on which are harmful, and which are not. Citric Acid is an example chemical used which may produce short-term results but will damage your enamel in the long run, and they cannot be replaced. Your teeth will naturally begin to turn yellow as the underlying dentine begins to re-produce. The effects of these chemicals have not been properly researched and it increases the chance of risking your oral health.
  2. The Results Are Not Permanent – Don’t expect long-term results when using DIY teeth whitening products. They must be maintained through healthy diets and eating softer and lighter solids. Every tooth whitening product works differently, increasing the risk to the health of your teeth.
  3. It affects your long-term confidence and appearance – The results achieved to whiten your teeth with teeth whitening products not subscribed from your dentist will not give you the desired results you’re after. Although the short-term results are positive, it is unknown what side-effects could occur, which notably may affect your appearance. Ultimately in this instance, it will become eventual that your teeth will need seeing to by a professional.

Here are the reasons why Professional Teeth Whitening is the best option:

  1. It is a Safe Procedure – Over-the-counter products have proven to do more harm than good to your teeth. Getting your teeth whitened professionally is safer and more comfortable because you are in capable hands of knowledgeable and experienced dentists performing the treatment, which guarantees instant and long-lasting results.
  2. Improves Your Oral Health – The Teeth Whitening treatment uses active ingredients to remove stains from your teeth. Your smile will become translucent and healthy without any irritation to your gums. You may feel initial sensitivity after treatment is complete, however, teeth will eventually rehydrate to be nourished, easing the pain you feel.
  3. Improves Your Confidence and Appearance – Professional Teeth Whitening guarantees results. That smile that has eluded you for many-a-time will be restored, improving your appearance and confidence to showcase those pearly-whites in public.

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Final Thoughts

Developing a positive impression to your peers and to yourself is important to your overall health and wellbeing. It is strongly advised that DIY over-the-counter whitening products are not considered as the side-effects are unknown, however, one thing is for certain is your teeth and gums will eventually erode and become damaged. This is a risk that you would need to consider should you purchase unproven teeth whitening products.

Are you experiencing dark stains and discolor on your teeth? With Professional Teeth Whitening get ready to show off your flawless smile. Say goodbye to existing bacteria, plaque and tooth decay and say hello to beautiful and beaming smiles. Contact Kooringal Dental in Wagga Wagga today!



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