Are veneers right for you? A guide to what we use them for at Kooringal Dental

Are you looking for a way to whiten your smile for longer? Or are you hoping to conceal a crack in one of your front teeth? Have you ever heard of porcelain or tooth laminates?

Originally coming from Hollywood, these nifty tooth coverings are one of the most versatile of all dental treatments. Not only do they offer a cosmetic advantage, but they have also been used in restorative, orthodontic and even preventive treatments too. And while they may seem too good to be true, their fitting is also non-invasive, straightforward and requires no numbing agents or injections either.

When you come to Kooringal Dental for porcelain or dental veneers Wagga, our team will assess if they are right for the issue you are seeking to correct. In our surgery, veneers are mainly used by us to correct conditions like staining and to conceal cracks, but as you will discover, they can be used for many other dental problems too, making them one of our most common treatments!

So, what are some of the other advantages of having veneers Wagga fitted? Read on to find out!


OK, so one of the key reasons why so many of our patients have dental veneers Wagga fitted is due to their instant whitening effect.

Unlike other methods which can include the application of oxidising gels, veneers are simply attached to the front of your teeth and held in place with dental cement. And as they are naturally less porous than enamel, the whitening results will last for years. Excellent news for our patients!

Remember, should you be looking at a more natural look for your teeth, we can colour match the laminates to your surrounding teeth, so any discolouration or cracks are concealed without being overly white.


Porcelain laminates have also been used in the treatment of sensitive teeth.

When you sip hot coffee and get a pang of discomfort, this is usually due to microscopic holes in the enamel allowing the heat of the drink to travel through the tooth and hit the nerve.

By placing a covering over those holes, this is stopped and thus, you will be able to drink hot coffee and eat ice cream without any discomfort.


For very minor instances of orthodontic misalignment, spacing or asymmetry, our team may recommend laminates over a brace.

As these coverings are custom-fitted to where they are needed, we have successfully used them to conceal minor gaps, correct issues with tooth length and also to conceal minor misalignments.

Of course, should you need more extensive correction, we will always opt for a brace or aligner.


In the same way, we use laminates to help with issues relating to sensitivity, we have also used them to help strengthen weakened teeth.

Porcelain is very durable and when applied to a tooth that has been weakened due to decay or a root canal, veneers have proven themselves to be a good solution against recurrence of enamel and tooth damage.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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