FastBraces in New South Wales

What are FastBraces?

FastBraces is a fixed brace that uses the most advanced technologies.

If the thought of wearing a fixed brace worries you, then you’ll be happy to know that this system is very different and ultra-discreet. It can produce great results much faster than other orthodontic treatments, correcting a large range of issues with overcrowding or spacing, as well as bite-related problems.

Instead of conventional square brackets, FastBraces uses triangular brackets that have been designed to move the crown, and the root at the simultaneously. By moving both parts at the same time, the treatment becomes much more efficient. Typically, the duration may range from a couple of weeks to a few months. The brackets are smaller than normal and can be made from clear ceramic, to make the treatment discreet.

Retention after FastBraces:

You will need to wear retainers after the brackets have been removed, but only for a while each day. This will either be overnight while you sleep, or for about twenty minutes every day so your beautiful new smile is easy to maintain.

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