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Kooringal Dental is a family oriented dental practice; we love seeing children and encourage dental visits from a very early age. Children’s dentistry focuses on preventative dentistry, as at this age we want to ensure we can prevent them from developing dental problems whenever possible. Dental education is another hugely important part of our services and we can provide you and your child with all the knowledge and skills required to look after their oral health.
Kids Dentist in Wagga Wagga

When Should I Book My Child’s First Visit?

You can book your child’s very first dental visit as soon as they have their first tooth, or by age one. We know this might seem very young but it is the perfect age to get them used to seeing a dentist in Wagga Wagga and we are extremely gentle with all our young patients. This first visit is just an examination to check their teeth and jaws are developing as expected and of course we are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about keeping their teeth clean at home.

How Often Should My Child See a Dentist?

We suggest regular six-monthly visits as a child’s dental health can change quite quickly and regular check-ups allow us to detect any small changes to their oral health. During these examinations we will check to make sure their teeth are developing correctly and can pick up any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Regular examinations allow us to hopefully provide treatment before your child feels discomfort or pain. As they grow up, we can recommend an early orthodontic evaluation if we feel this is necessary. During these check-ups we can also examine their tonsils for any signs of problems and if needed can provide a referral to an ENT surgeon.

Regular check-ups allow us to provide your child with a fully customised preventative dental care plan, based on their level of risk for developing dental diseases. This will include preventative dental treatments we feel will be useful in protecting their teeth and how often we feel they will need regular dental x-rays. There is no need to worry if your child does need an x-ray as our digital x-ray equipment is very safe and extremely well-maintained. We never take x-rays unless we know this will help protect your child’s oral health.

What Kind of Preventative Dental Care Could Help My Child?

Treatments range from fluoride applications and fissure sealants to mouthguards that will protect their teeth and jaws during sports. We can also provide custom night guards for clenching and grinding.

Fluoride is very important for young teeth and helps to harden tooth enamel, increasing its resistance to decay. Fissure sealants are another great treatment and consist of a thin layer of hard-wearing plastic, similar to the material used to fill teeth and which protects the chewing surfaces of back teeth. We can only use this treatment on healthy, cavity-free teeth which is why we suggest applying fissure sealants soon after your child has their adult back teeth. Our custom-made sports mouthguards offer great protection and come in an enormous range of colours and designs so your child can choose their team colours or a design they find appealing to wear.

What about Oral Health Education?

Everyone here at Kooringal Dental is passionate about dental education and you will find we are great at explaining things in a way that is super-easy for young children (and adults) to understand. We can make dental education interesting and fun for children to learn and we have lots of tips and tricks to make oral care at home easy and effective. We are always delighted to help you so please feel free to ask questions. With such easy access to great children’s dentistry in Wagga Wagga, we can help your child experience all the benefits of a healthy smile, we hope for life.

Please do not forget, we accept the government’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme which provides $700 of essential dental care over a two-year period. We will make sure your child receives maximum benefit from this scheme.

Please speak to our friendly dental team on (02) 6922 6840 for more information. We are located at Kooringal Mall, 32/269-293 Lake Albert Road, Kooringal NSW 2650.