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Most dental procedures can be comfortably carried out using local anaesthetic that only numbs the area receiving treatment. However sometimes this isn’t enough and in this case we can use general anaesthesia which will be carried out in a Day Surgery Hospital.
Wagga Wagga Dentist Dr Cherian Thomas

What Is the Difference between General Anaesthetic and Local Anaesthetic?

Unlike local anaesthetic where you will be awake and alert during treatment, a general anaesthetic enables you to sleep right through the procedure. You will only awaken once treatment is completed.

Who Should Consider General Anaesthesia?

It can be a great idea for anyone who requires quite complicated or lengthy treatment to restore dental health.
You may want to consider general anaesthesia if you need a substantial amount of dental work, as our dentist will be able to carry out more treatment during just one appointment. It can also be good for anyone considering multiple dental implants or for someone requiring a more complex Wisdom tooth removal. We may also recommend general anaesthetics for anyone with severe dental anxiety or dental fears. Being able to sleep through the complete procedure can be extremely appealing to anyone with severe dental phobias and we have found this approach to be very successful in helping nervous patients.

Is General Anaesthesia Safe?

All types of anaesthetic carry a small level of risk but our dentist will carefully assess you for suitability before recommending a general anaesthetic. To do this we will need to know about your general health, including any conditions or allergies and all medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications currently used. It is extremely important to us to make sure your risk is minimised and your safety is always our top priority here at Kooringal Dental. This is why all dental procedures involving general anaesthesia are carried out in a hospital setting and the anaesthesia is given by medical professionals with specialised training in this field.

Before providing you with this service we will discuss this option with you and will ensure you know exactly what is involved as well as any associated risks. It is important to point out that the chance of you suffering any serious side effect from general anaesthesia is low but we will want to set your mind at rest before you have this treatment.

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