Top advantages of having dental implants fitted

If you have lost your teeth as an adult, it can feel like a bit of a chore to smile in photos or at social events, especially if the missing tooth is located near the front of your mouth.

These days, there are many restorative options for missing teeth and, when it comes to the important stuff like being able to bite and chew food, clean teeth, and even pronounce words, there is one such option that is most sought after.

So, what is the answer? In more recent times, many dental patients have been asking our team about having oral implants fitted, which resolve all of these issues and more.

At Kooringal Dental, we are delighted to help our patients restore their smiles with dental implants Wagga and we want to help you too! We advise you on a suitable implant arrangement based on your needs. We will work with you to try to make sure with any implant treatment the fitting goes off without a hitch! We have extensive experience in this area, so when you come to us for an oral implant fitting you can rest assured that you will be taken care of!

But what are some of the other advantages of having dental implants Wagga fitted? Read on to find out our top 5!


As we mentioned earlier, whenever you have oral implants fitted, they are a permanent solution to missing teeth; this is because they are fitted to your jaw and allowed to fuse with your jaw bone. This means that your dental implants Wagga won’t rub against the inside of your mouth or fall out and will enable you to eat whichever foods you wish without issue. Great stuff!


You may have read that oral implants look fake, but this is not true! The prosthetic tooth or teeth which are attached to the implant will be matched to your surrounding teeth in colour, making them blend in seamlessly. Or, should you be having a denture secured with implants and want to get a Hollywood smile, we can do that too!

Oral health

How can oral implants improve your oral health? Well, they can stop plaque from accumulating in your mouth, especially where there are missing teeth. Plaque on the gums can heighten the chance of cavities with the surrounding teeth and can increase the chance of gum disease. As an implant takes the place of a missing tooth with an immovable prosthetic, such problems can be prevented.

Physical health

As above, if you have too much plaque in your mouth, gum disease can form and as this allows bacteria to get into your body.  This can be linked to secondary complications and may increase your chance of developing cancer and strokes. Implants reduce the risk of gum disease forming and so, all of these secondary conditions have a lower chance of occurring.


Missing teeth can cause issues with alignment, cavities, gum disease and even speech if they are at the front. Long-term implants can bypass most of these issues and may help reduce your need for future treatments and visits overall. Great stuff!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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