Nervous about seeing our dentist? How our team at Kooringal Dental can help you to relax

Does the thought of attending a dental check-up make you sweat?

Not to worry, you aren’t alone! Many people have worries surrounding dental care and while you may have had bad experiences with dental professionals in the past. When you come to Kooringal Dental for your treatment, our team will always treat you with the highest level of care.

However, when attending a dental professional who is experienced in handling nervous patients, many people become curious about how this is actually achieved. In this article, our team will highlight the ways that we help nervous patients to relax.

At Kooringal Dental, our dentist in Wagga Wagga sees nervous patients every day and is acutely aware of how a check-up can feel when you have a dental phobia. We will take our time while you are in the chair, and answer any questions you have about your treatment. Working with you, we will endeavour to help you overcome your anxieties, so that one day that trip to see our team won’t be so daunting.

So, how can our dentist in Wagga Wagga help you to relax? Read on to find out!


As mentioned earlier, when you tell our dentist in Wagga Wagga that you have a dental phobia, we will take our time to understand your concerns and work towards resolving the issue.

Once you are in the chair, we will be able to work on a set of hand signals with you, so you can indicate to our team when you would like us to stop. Remember, you are in control and we will always aim to make you feel comfortable.


Who doesn’t love music?

When it comes to soothing nerves, there is no easier way than listening to a classical piece via a headset, so talk to our team about using your phone to play calming music while we work on your mouth.

If music isn’t your thing, why not listen to a guided meditation, or even white noise to calm your nerves?

Sleep dentistry

If you know that deep breathing or talking won’t work, our team can also offer you sleep dentistry.

At Kooringal Dental, we can offer you 3 types of sleep dentistry to make your check-up easier.

Firstly, we can offer you nitrous oxide or laughing gas, to help relax your nerves while we work on your mouth. Inhaled through a mask, this is perfect if you need a little bit of help but is minor enough to allow you to go about your day as planned afterwards.

Oral sedation is also great if you want to feel more separated from the experience, but you will need to discuss any other medications or health issues with our team before we can give this to you.

Finally, we can offer anaesthetic, which will render you unconscious for the duration of the procedure. You will need someone to escort you home following this and you must not operate heavy machinery for a minimum of 48 hours afterwards.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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