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Looking For A Solution For A Gap In Your Teeth? Here’s Why You Should Choose Implants Over Dentures

Due to the vast range of natural treatments available for your missing teeth, you don’t need to be too concerned about solutions to save it. However, this also means that choosing how to replace your missing tooth becomes a big decision. If you’re missing a tooth, you’ll want a form of treatment that restores that missing natural smile. Dental technology improvements make the choice easier than ever before.

Two of the most common treatment types for replacing missing teeth are Dentures and Dental Implants. Both treatment types offer excellent solutions for missing teeth, delivering that hidden shiny smile that you’ve been looking for.

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Although Dentures are a popular choice of treatment and have been relatively successful amongst many patients, implants are part of the new dental treatment range that’s an upgrade to dentures and delivers even better results. Here’s why.

The Four Reasons Why

  1. They’re Comfortable and Convenient – One of the concerns with dentures is that in time, the strength of them will deteriorate over a period because the jaw tissue shrinks. In-turn, dentures become loose or fall out. This is because the bone eventually degrades from a lack of stimulation. With implants, it’s infused into your jaw bone to strengthen your bone and jaw to keep your implant strong. What’s more, implants don’t fall out like dentures. They are developed to look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. They can hardly be felt when you function your mouth to eat or chew. Dentures can remove themselves, especially when you eat.
  2. They Offer Better Durability and Longevity – The surge of implant treatment has always trumped above dentures because of how durable they are in the long-term. Implants are expected to last a lifetime if looked after properly. Dentures have a shelf-life for a maximum of 10 years or less.
  3. It Preserves Your Bone Structure To Protect Your Teeth – Losing one or more teeth can cause severe deterioration to your jaw bone. Your jawbone weakens and degrades your facial appearance, making you feel ten times older. With this, implants do not need the support of your adjacent teeth to hold up. Neither do your teeth need to shift in position to cater for the implant. With dentures, your teeth will need to be repositioned to cater for the denture, disturbing your straight tooth line.
  4. It Doesn’t Affect Your Speech – When implants are fitted you’ll still continue to speak sharply as you would with a healthy mouth. With dentures, your speech will change over time, ultimately making it difficult for you to speak naturally. Overall, your mouth functions normally. If you’re a foodie, you can continue to eat as much as your heart desires with an implant. There are no specific treatments or maintenance necessary to keep your implants in check. Live normally, eat normally and speak normally.

Dental implant examination wagga dentist

Final Points

Implants can be considered as an upgrade to missing teeth. Dentures had a stranglehold on patient opinion over the years and were the go-to treatment in the past. Although they’re still a popular choice, implant benefits are laid bare for all to see. If you’re after a natural solution to your missing gap, choose implants. The results are long-lasting, natural and deliver that all-important attractive smile.


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