Looking for a family-friendly dentist in Wagga Wagga? We cater for all your loved ones!

Dentistry has changed for the better, whereby dental clinics are no longer places to fear. That said, finding a family-oriented practice where trust is earned, and rapport is achieved is crucial yet challenging.

If you’ve relocated, or your current dental practitioner has retired, or are just looking for a different experience, our staff at Kooringal Dental are ready to step in and provide professional and caring dental services. What makes us different from other dentists in Wagga Wagga? Read on to find out about our best qualities.

We are equipped to handle all manner of patients

Understanding that healthy dental habits are developed during the formative years of childhood, we pay special attention to our younger patients.

Too often, dentists and dental clinics are cast in a negative light, perceived as cold and impersonal. By exposing your offspring to child-friendly dental practitioners who are informed about milk teeth and highly personable and friendly, a positive relationship between patient and dentist is formed early on.

Conversely, we believe that it’s never too late to start prioritising your oral health. First and foremost, it’s our primary role to educate you about dental hygiene to avoid preventable conditions, infections and diseases.

We know how to treat dental anxiety

A single bad experience at the dentist in Wagga Wagga can result in dental anxiety, and forming a lifelong distrust of the dentist. We aim to break the spell, offering our friendly and empathetic assistance in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

We offer a gentle approach to our patients, who are overwhelmed or extremely nervous about their appointment, going at a pace that’s comfortable for them while providing breaks in between.

Our services are diverse

From routine check-ups, through to restorative treatment, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments.

Routine Check-ups – prevention is the best cure

Individuals are urged to visit their dentist twice a year.

You might deem the frequency of these visits unnecessary. However, these check-ups are crucial for picking up small dental issues before they become more significant. For example, we commonly identify the first symptoms of gingivitis, a mild gum condition, before it advances into periodontitis.

Transform your smile with a makeover

Do you feel self-conscious or embarrassed because of the appearance of your teeth? From teeth whitening to full-mouth rehabilitation, we provide services that brighten dull teeth, fix chipped teeth, mask discolouration and bridge gaps, making a desirable smile possible!

Replace lost teeth at the root

Thanks to the invention of various dental prostheses, individuals who lose their teeth don’t have to walk through life with a gummy mouth.

Dental implants are transformative for people who have suffered significant tooth loss, offering distinctive advantages over other tooth restoration devices.

Implants come highly recommended because they’re designed to replace natural teeth at the root, whereby a titanium screw acts as the artificial root for your custom-fabricated crown. Therefore, not only will your new tooth look like a natural pearly white, but it will provide unfailing support as you eat, chew, and talk without any problem.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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