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Is Your Child Scared Of Visiting The Dentist? Follow These Tips To Stop The Fear

Being fearful of the dentist is a common feeling for many children. It’s natural for your child to feel it. However, there are many helpful child dentistry tips which have proven to change children’s feelings towards the dentist. In-turn, they will be happy and comfortable. When your child climbs on the dental chair with a smile of their face, you know that as a parent the tips have worked.

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Following the four tips that we’ve picked out will do just that. Not only that, but they’ll want to come back once they begin to understand how important it is to look after their own teeth. Here are four proven tips that will cure your child’s fear of visiting the dentist.

The Four Proven Tips

  1. Explain to Your Child Why Dental Visits Are Important – The vague message to your child would typically be ‘your teeth need to stay healthy.’ But why do they? What are the consequences if they’re not looked after? Educating your children on why they need to look after their teeth is the first thing you as the parent need to do. Educate them on the benefits of shiny and strong white teeth. However, be sure to keep the answers in a language in which they understand. It might not necessarily be the greatest idea to speak to them when an appointment is due. Talk to them about their teeth in your spare time.
  2. Make Sure They’re Aware of Their Appointment Early – The last thing you should do is tell your child about their appointment one or two days before it. This only increases their fear. It is recommended that you tell your child about visiting the dentist before the appointment is booked. This is so they’re aware of a pending visit. Once they digest this, they will be able to accept it easier.
  3. Notify the Dentist of Your Child’s Feelings – The dentist needs to prepare for the child’s first appointment so that they can approach the child in a certain way that makes them feel comfortable and friendly. Dentists usually have the experience and methods to follow to ensure that your child’s visit is a positive and relaxing one. Therefore, notify them early of your child’s characteristics and behaviors.
  4. Always Stay Calm – Even if you’ve done all you can to calm your child’s fear, yet they still demonstrate anxious feelings, you must continue to stay calm. Distressed feelings will only heighten the negative feeling of your child towards the dentist. Speak gently to them at all times and even give them a compliment so that they can feel happier.

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Final Points…

When you change your child’s feelings towards the dentist, it can be a huge relief. However, as the parent, it is your responsibility to follow these tips regularly for a long period of time as they grow up. Beaming smiles start young and it is only right to carry that smile through to adulthood. A positive image of the dentist to your child will bring enormous benefits.

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