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Have You Ever Considered Whether Dental Implant Treatment Is Right For You? Here’s Why And When You Should Consider It

Have you ever wondered whether you qualify for dental implant treatment?

Dental Implants is a popular choice of treatment to restore naturality to the look and feel of your teeth. A Dental Implant is an artificial solution that delivers long-term results to maintain a strong facial appearance.

Losing a tooth is common particularly if you’ve suffered from a dental accident or through poor oral hygiene. But it’s not the end of the world. Advanced dental technology today ensures that a ready-made, natural replacement is available to restore that hidden confidence in your smile.

Dental implants are worth the cost and yet so natural that the implant is unrecognizable when you smile. If you’ve suffered from one of the following dental issues we’ve picked out, then consider dental implant treatment.

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The Five Dental Issues For An Implant

  1. Your Tooth Is Severely Infected – A tooth that’s severely infected is likely to require initial extraction treatment before the implant can be fitted. With an implant, it avoids further damage and maintains a strong facial appearance. All with the removal of the infection.
  2. A Lack Of Jaw Stimulation – Strong natural teeth promotes Osseointegration, where your bone stimulates and grows to ensure implants are permanently fitted. Your jaw needs strong bones to support your facial structure. Bone loss in the jaw degrades your facial appearance, making you look and feel old and reducing chances of fitting implants.
  3. Abnormal Bite and Chewing Problems – Where a gap persists in your teeth, this degrades your mouth structure can cause misalignment of your teeth. This promotes an abnormal bite and leads to difficulty in biting down on your favorite meals. In turn, this causes more long-term oral issues.
  4. Your Tooth Is Cracked – If your tooth is severely cracked, there is nothing that can be done to save the full tooth, even though the dentist will aim to save as much of it as possible. If any remains of your tooth can be saved, there are a variety of treatments available to resolve it, including an implant.
  5. Irritation of Gums – If you wear or have worn dentures, your gums tend to become irritated when your mouth functions. With implants, it’s a natural replacement which requires no support with neighboring teeth and reduces gum irritation.

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Final Points

Dental implants promote a variety of health benefits and are now an accepted form of natural treatment. This is evident due to the great results that implants deliver. They are the next best thing to real teeth in the way it feels, looks and functions.

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