Does my dentist perform extractions? 5 surprising things our general dental team can do

So, you have just gotten a reminder that it is time for your biannual dental check-up. Far from thrilling for most people.

Images of your dental team peering into your mouth and poking at your gums are not exactly exciting but there are many things that your general dental team can do which you may not know about.

Yes, they perform fillings and scrape plaque from your teeth, but they are highly trained professionals who can tell you a lot more about yourself than just the condition of your teeth. Hence, it is important to pay them a visit every 6 months.

At Kooringal Dental, we are well aware that we would be in a bad place without our general dentist in Wagga Wagga. Providing the green light to a number of cosmetic procedures, our general dental teams are essential to ensuring that all of our patients have top-notch dental health. They are trained in spotting more serious issues too, which can actually save lives.

Curious to learn why that biannual trip to our dentist in Wagga Wagga is crucial to your health? Read on to find out about the surprising things our general dental team can do.


Often seen as the job of an oral surgeon, our dentist in Wagga Wagga can perform oral extractions; if you have a broken tooth or one that has rotted beyond repair, they can remove it.

Why is this important? Because it provides fast relief from that awful dental ache and can prevent an abscess from forming. As abscesses can cause damage to the surrounding oral tissue, the importance of this minor surgery cannot be overlooked.

Place veneers

The placing of dental veneers is indeed a cosmetic procedure, but were you aware that a general dental professional can fit them?

As this procedure can improve your confidence by whitening your teeth, concealing gaps and hiding cracks or chips, we feel that our general dental team deserves a hat tip for helping so many patients feel better about themselves.

Detect cancer

General dental practitioners can detect cancer.

While examining your gums and soft tissues, they can spot any unusual lumps, bumps or lesions that may require further investigation. And, given that oral cancer is one of the most common cancers that have a high survival rate, they are certainly performing an important service!

Detect diabetes

They can also accurately detect chronic conditions; everything from osteoporosis to diabetes can be detected by looking in your mouth.

General dental teams can identify many conditions by smelling your breath and, as odd as it sounds, this is an important part of a check-up, making it an important skill set to have! If your breath smells sweet, our team will refer you to a diabetes specialist.

Save lives

General dental professionals save countless lives every day by removing abscess, decay and detecting oral cancers. So, the next time you think that attending your biannual check-up isn’t that important, remember that these professionals can actually save your life.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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