Dental myths debunked by our dentist Wagga

When it comes to misinformation, it seems that dentistry leads the way when compared to other areas of medicine

While the majority of people are aware of the old wives’ tales that surround this area, many people still believe what they read online, even when it comes to general dental care. General dental care is essential not only for your physical and dental health, but plays an important role in other dental procedures too, such as cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. So it is important to know what is what when it comes to this area.

At Kooringal Dental, we believe in education and prevention as the first steps in dental care. Our dentist Wagga will always advise you on the best brushing techniques or flossing techniques when you attend check-ups with our team. We will also discuss preventive measures to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy for as long as possible.

But what are some of the most prevailing myths that you may have read online? Here, our dentist Wagga highlights the top 5 that we hear day in and day out. So enjoy!

Myth 1- Cavities are not reversible

A cavity is a hole in the enamel caused by excess bacteria. If it is deep enough, it will penetrate the dentine. This can cause an immense amount of discomfort if it is deep enough to expose the nerve of the tooth to the air. You may have read or assumed that cavities are not reversible, but our dentist Wagga states that this is not the case. If the cavity is causing discomfort, then it is likely to be too deep to be truly reversible. However, for surface or enamel cavities, our team will aim to remineralise the enamel and thus reverse the damage caused to the tooth.

Myth 2- Brushing harder equates to a better clean

Brushing your teeth harder does not equate to a better clean and can cause damage to the enamel. Just be sure to brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush to ensure that plaque and food debris are removed. You may be able to spot if you are brushing too hard if your mouth bleeds after brushing or if your teeth feel sore. For more advice on the best ways to brush, contact our team.

Myth 3- Online whitening kits are as effective as professional ones

In a word no, they are not. Professional whitening kits contain a higher level of hydrogen peroxide which will result in whiter teeth faster. So the best way to whiten your teeth efficiently is to visit a professional.

Myth 4- Baby teeth aren’t important

Baby teeth are more important than most people give them credit for. Consider them markers for where the adult teeth are going to come through. So if they have to be removed too early due to decay, this can cause orthodontic alignment issues when the adult teeth come through.

Myth 5- You should only go for a check-up if your teeth hurt

As we mentioned before, prevention is better than cure. So you should aim to see our team every 6 months for a check-up, even if you are not experiencing discomfort. Remember, not all cavities cause discomfort, especially if they have only penetrated the enamel.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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