Can it ruin your teeth? 5 myths about Invisalign debunked

When it comes to choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you, it is important to be able to separate the facts from the fiction.

Orthodontics has been plagued with myths, more so than many other areas of dentistry, making it an unappealing area to look into unless absolutely necessary. We all remember the myth about orthodontic braces making teeth fall out when we were young! Even with the invention of clear and invisible braces which apply less pressure to teeth and are more aesthetically pleasing, there are still many myths and mistruths that surround orthodontic treatment for adults.

When you come to Kooringal dental seeking advice about braces as an adult, our expert team will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Provided you tick all of our requirements, we will also be able to offer you treatment with the world-famous Invisalign in Wagga. This invisible brace is the perfect combination of cosmetic and functional, allowing you to get the straighter smile you deserve without potentially drawing unwanted stares from strangers!

But what are some of the most prevalent myths that surround Invisalign in Wagga? Our dentists shed light on some of them below.

I read it is really painful; is that true?

In simple terms, moving your teeth is always going to create some feeling of discomfort.

And while Invisalign in Wagga pushes the teeth as opposed to pulling them, you may experience some feelings of pressure with each aligner. If you are worried about the level of discomfort, contact our team for an assessment.

It gives you a lisp

As it slots over your teeth, it can reduce the movement of your tongue.

However, after a few days, this sensation will become easier to handle and any abnormalities to your speech pattern should subside. Our team at Kooringal dental can even offer you advice on exercises to perform to speed this process up!

Can it ruin your teeth?

This is an odd myth. If your invisible brace has been provided to you by a professional, then there should be no concerns about it ruining your teeth.

Our team will track the progress of this brace as you wear it, and will stop the treatment if we notice anything unplanned occurring.

Can’t I get the same brace from the internet?

There are many imitation braces and aligners on the internet, which boast being able to offer the same results as this invisible brace.

However, they may actually damage your teeth; as the treatment is not being overseen by a dental professional, there is the potential that your misalignment or protrusion will worsen with one of these braces.

It only works for minimal aesthetic issues

Initially, this was the case, but as the technologies have evolved this brace can now treat more complex issues.

While it is up to the discretion of our dental team to assess your suitability for this brace, it can treat issues with spacing, overcrowding, over and underbites and can even reverse protrusions. Brilliant!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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