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Patient before emergency dental services

My Tooth Has Cracked – What Happens Now?

Have you bitten on a piece of candy or had a physical accident which has caused your tooth to crack? The molars in your tooth absorb the impact from biting force or any trauma experienced, leading to the tooth becoming cracked. Although teeth are strong in itself, they’re susceptible to suffering from cracks if not

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Patient visit oral hygienist wagga

Five Reasons To Visit The Dental Hygienist

There are several reasons why visiting a dental hygienist is important to your overall oral health. The benefits it provides helps you feel happy and healthy. With a contagious and infectious smile, there is no better feeling to show off those pearly whites. The role dental hygienist is still unknown amongst many patients. When booking

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Avoid too much Chocolate for health dental

4 Warning Signs You Need A Dental Filling

A dental filling is necessary when cavity appears in a tooth. Cavity can develop at any stage, which are small holes formed in the tooth root that requires to be filled. Pus forms in the hole which is a form of bacteria. The more time wasted from not gaining treatment, the more likely you’ll experience

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Kids teeth and oral care

Preventing Tooth Decay In Young Children

Childhood Tooth Decay is formed when bacteria eat away at the outer layer of enamel, affecting infants and children. Sugars and exposed liquid on the gum changes to acid from the bacteria formed in the mouth. The acid dissolves the enamel’s outer layer, leading to tooth decay. This leads to degrading teeth and complications with

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Dentist with patient cosmetic dentist explaining

Why is Good Dental Hygiene Important?

Taking good care of your mouth leads to many benefits, not just to your oral health but to physical and mental well-being. Good oral health leads to good overall health and positive oral hygiene is not specifically to do with just your teeth. Let’s detail the connection between oral health and overall health. With bad

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