A new lease on life with dental implants Wagga Wagga

Dental implants Wagga are widely considered the best replacement for missing teeth. Whether it is for a single tooth, a few teeth in a row or even a whole set of teeth, implants are a great option. Implants can do more than simply hold a set of false teeth in place, they can also hold replacement teeth in place.  It is these benefits which dentists get excited about as they can offer patients with missing teeth the implant procedure.  Implants can not only help to restore the confidence in their smile once more, but to restore the structural integrity of their upper and lower jaws.

Hidden benefits of implants

The jawbone is designed to support teeth.  If those teeth are no longer there, bone loss can occur. It can do this because its purpose is to hold teeth in place, but once teeth are removed, the bone surrounding them can begin to be lost thus changing the structure of the face over time and threatening the integrity of the position of all the other teeth too.

Dental implants Wagga are made from titanium and this is their key element.  We use titanium specifically so that it will interact with your bone and encourage it to grow back. Titanium and human bone tissue have a great relationship, they are able to bond with one another permanently and keep new bone growth in place, it really is a wonder how this metal alloy interacts with the human body and it is the choice of most orthopaedic surgeons the world over too.

Keeping false teeth in place

One reason to get dental implants Wagga is to keep false teeth in place, whether it is a single tooth, a bridge of connecting teeth, or dentures, the use for dental implants is varied. But for those who have endured loose-fitting dentures for a while, it is easy to see what a massive change securing them in place with implants can make in their lives. No longer will denture wearers have to feel self-conscious about their teeth falling out in public or avoid eating certain foods, they can now enjoy a new lease on life with the personal freedom that dental implants Wagga may give them. Also it goes without saying that the reconstruction of any lost bone tissue in their faces, which once made them look old and sunken, can now rejuvenate their look completely.

The procedure

Once the mouth is completely numb, your dentist will open the gum to expose the bone where they intend to place the implant, the bone is then drilled and the implant inserted, in cases where a tooth has been extracted, the implant can fit directly into that hole instead of needing to have one created. Once in place, an abutment is fitted to the implant, the abutment sticks out on top of the gum. Then you will be given a temporary crown or bridge or denture to await the healing process, around 3-6 months, during which we will create your new teeth. Once the bone has fused to the implant we can clip your new teeth to them for a permanent restoration to your smile.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.


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